DOS – Dokumenten Systeme GmbH

The sophisticated approach to archiving

DOS Dokumenten Systeme GmbH is your dependable partner for the archiving of documents of all kinds – files, receipts, books, plans, newspapers, etc. Archiving has become an important issue across a broad range of business sectors. Firstly, this has to do with the growing volumes of data generated by today’s sophisticated corporate IT and communication systems. Secondly, statutory record retention periods and strict compliance requirements demand a high level of security and dependability in the area of document management.

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Experience the service quality of DOS. We will scan your documents, irrespective of their format and quality. Your documents are then archived in our data centre in line with all the relevant security requirements, ready for retrieval and transfer to your existing systems environment. If you have yet to deploy a document management system we can supply you with a fully functioning archive program on each individual data medium. With the aid of DOS, you will benefit from the added security and convenience of professional document archiving.